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If you can dream it, you can make it!


From Madame Curie to modern day trailblazers, watch The Paper Girls trailer!


"If you dream it, you can make it — if you make it, you can be it!"


The Paper Girls inspires limitless creativity



The Paper Girls aims to empower young girls to imagine, create, and learn through the exploration of the arts, science and engineering.

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When a problem needs solving, best friends Caily and Reese think outside of the box with the help from their magical paper friends and endless imagination.



Madame Curie loved Asian Art! One day, an accident in her Paris lab transformed her favorite origami book into Confetti - a world made entirely out of paper! Today, Caily and Reese are the book’s gatekeepers.



Viewers are encouraged to explore beyond their immediate borders and make “physical objects” that address day-to-day challenges. 


Get inspired and catch the first three episodes now!

Episode 1:

Something Fishy

When Caily and Reese encounter a "fashion emergency" prior to the hottest DIY fashion show in town, they travel to Confetti to search for a solution.

Episode 2:

Museum Mayhem

Confetti’s evil Queen Frivol is polluting the land with her plastic junk, and Kami and Dev enlist help of Caily and Reese to recycle it before it’s too late!

Episode 3:

Mice to Meet You

When Stax has a mouse problem, Caily and Reese head to Confetti to see how they can invent a solution to safely drive the mice away.


Project videos from The Paper Girls  Electronic Origami Kit 

Create a paper world that comes to life! These video demonstrations are based on projects featured in each episode. You can learn to fold and add electronics, including LED lights, batteries, and motionboards. The end result? Watch your origami light up and move, while learning basic circuitry.


Project of the Week

In collaboration with Taro's Origami Studio, The Paper Girls Project of the Week is a free, weekly downloadable origami project! Each origami model is inspired by Confetti and designed to be 100% DIY for any age!


Feeling “Curie-ous ™?” Check out The Paper Girls Show merch and more here!

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Coming Soon:

Electronic Origami Kit

 Learn to engineer circuits through projects featured in each episode using basic electronics. Watch your origami light up and move! 



Coming Soon:

The Paper Girls App Experience!